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  • Q:What are FileThis’ products?

    A:FileThis has two products, the FileThis Document Aggregation Service (DAS) and the FileThis consumer portal. The DAS allows third party platforms to automatically retrieve a variety of banking, finance, insurance, payroll, utility and other documents in order to accelerate financial review processes, such as loan underwriting, tax preparation, client accounting, and wealth management.

    The FileThis DAS aggregates consumers’ financial documents and data based on a user-permission model. is a personal organizer for consumers and small businesses. It automatically retrieves and organizes a variety of documents, including billing statements, and helps users pay bills on time.

  • Q:What can I build with the FileThis DAS?

    A:You can use the DAS to accelerate business processes that require review of, or access to, banking, financial, payroll and other documents. Today, many FinTech platforms require clients to organize, upload, email or even fax required documents. The FileThis DAS eliminates this burden by allowing FinTech platforms to incorporate automated document aggregation as a seamless platform feature. As a result, loan, tax, accounting and wealth management platforms can now reduce administrative work and speed up time sensitive and document-intensive review processes.

  • Q:What types of data sources does the FileThis DAS support?

    A:The DAS securely retrieves documents and billing statements from client bank, credit card, investment, insurance, mortgage, payroll, retail and utility accounts and more.

  • Q:How secure is the FileThis DAS?

    A:The FileThis DAS uses permission-based access and bank-level security to retrieve and process all client documents. All communication with document sources and with your services is done with TLS/SSL (HTTPS) connections.

  • Q:What type of encryption does the FileThis DAS use?

    A:Data is sent to and from the FileThis DAS using 256-bit TLS encryption. Therefore, no one can see or access data as it is transmitted. In addition, all account credentials are also encrypted in the FileThis DAS database and on DAS servers, using AES 256-bit encryption.


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